mardi 29 mai 2012

Download Messenger Plus 2015

Download Messenger Plus 2015/ 
Download Messenger Plus 2015/

Download Messenger Plus 2015

Messenger Plus! Live fully integrates with Windows Live Messenger to add many features him. You can choose to manage your ongoing conversations by tab (and not in separate windows), to send émotisons (requires that the other person has Messenger Plus!), Quickly hide windows Live in the process of use, etc.. Create custom status to inform your interlocutors of the reason for your absence and when you return, manage external email accounts, apply for new housing forms (color and transparency), create keyboard shortcuts for your documents the most common, etc. All this is just a small glimpse of all the features that Messenger Plus! Live will bring. This latest version is compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2015

1.1 MB

Minimum requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7


Release Date:


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